Internet Presence: Register your own domain

We hope you will find this mini series interesting and helpful. We will publish a few blog posts that hopefully may help you to get your business online in a way where you are your own ‘master of the universe’ in regards your website hosting and management.

Have you ever thought about setting up your own website? You may have started with a free website under a generic domain name, for example,, etc.. You always depend on the company offering you some cheesy subdomain that probably injects ads into your website.

There is a good solution for this. If you register your own domain name and have a hosting company taking care of the updates and security patches, you have an online presence with your very own name, very own e-mail address and can manage it as you want. No third party ads and tons of options, template designs tailored to your business.

We started to have our own ‘cheesy’ website over 2 decades ago and thought: there must be a better way. We started to register our own domain names in 1998, found some good hosting companies and published our own content using Microsoft Frontpage, JavaScript, Perl scripts and later on PHP scripts. As work became busier and busier, we stopped doing our own coding and started to use WordPress. Easy to setup, easy to install plugins for all kind of needs and adjust the templates to fit our own style and business needs. More about this coming up soon to this blog.

As a first step, think about a catchy name you want to use. We have registered this domain name, as well as, and one catchy name related to photography – There are many more options available than just Top Domain Names .com, .net, .org etc.

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For example:, – If you setup a subdomain, you could even setup a website named with your first and last name in the domain name. For example. or so.

Please use the above search box for your searches and registration of services. We earn a small commission for each sale which keeps this website up and running and helps us to continue offering great content.

For some ideas or if you want a handpicked domain we have secured, visit our domain name page. This may give you some ideas or you may just have found the one of a kind domain name you haven’t thought about it before.


How ISO Impacts Your Images

ISO is a term that every photographer, from amateur to pro, has heard of. Surprisingly, though, some photographers are still unfamiliar with all of the different ways that ISO affects their pictures.



How To Do A Memorable 365 Photo Project

Photographers should always look for ways to stay sharp, both creatively and professionally by honing their skills. Luckily for them, one specific photography project is the ideal way for them to accomplish both. Meet the 365 Photo Project!



Handpicked Domain names

Finding a good domain name and securing it before someone grabs it can be challenging, especially for people who do not have any experience in doing so. We have been registering domain names and setting up websites since 1998.  We have a small number of domain names that may certainly appeal to photographers worldwide.

Please visit our domain name page and see if any of these domain names are appealing to you. You can also drop us an e-mail if you need assistance in registering domain names and hosting your website(s). At least, we can convey you our opinion and hopefully give you some new ideas.

We can also help you getting started, searching & registering your own domain name and offer you WordPress Hosting or point you in the right direction, depending what your needs are. Our goal is to inspire other photographers and get them an online presence.



To get more familiar, you can get started by searching the domain names you are interested in using the below form.

Find a domain starting at $0.99

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You can register a domain name yourself or can ask us to do it for you.

How to Master Panning

The art of panning is not something that’s easy to get right. It takes practice and skill, but can produce fantastic results when done correctly. So, what is panning?

Well, essentially the basic idea is that you move your camera along in time with a moving subject (i.e. ‘pan‘ the camera). This results in a sharp subject with a blurred background. It’s a great technique for conveying movement and speed and is commonly used for photographing subjects such as racing cars and animals.



Black and White Slideshow

A slideshow of some black and white images with great background music. Hopefully this will inspire you – published on rumble.

I have had a free Google Workspace account which I had setup probably a decade ago. It was to give small business and individuals the access to this feature and help google to build the service. It was supposed to bee ‘forever free’. Unfortunately Google sent out emails that they want to switch all these accounts to ‘paid’ accounts. Classic Bait and Switch. Now, my big task is to get all the emails, google drive and youtube videos to other services.

Trying if Rumble is a good option. I uploaded one of my videos there and hope you enjoy:

So, you want to have your own Picfair store?

This tutorial is for photographers who want to setup a Picfair store with a personal domain name. Check out Picfair Plus which gives you a few nice options for a personalized online portfolio where you can sell your photos. This sets you apart from the standard Picfair store where you have to compete with other photographers.  This post doesn’t go into depth on how to configure you store, but hopefully will be a starting point to get the ball rolling. Note: we do not get paid by Picfair for this article. We just love their business model and online store concept.

We have a Picfair promo code for you. Get a discount for your first subscription; first month for monthly subscription or first year for yearly subscription.

Once you have created a Picfair account, you can go shopping for your personal domain name. Instead of a generic Picfair address (  you can consider having a name such as,,  etc.

Use the below search box to search for something you have in our mind. We will get a small commission if you purchase via the Namecheap search box / site:

Find a domain starting at $0.99

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Alternatively, you can buy or rent one of the domains we currently own.

Once you have your store setup and have purchased your own domain name, you can configure it easily via the Picfair store setup interface and also make the needed adjustments on your CNAME record on the domain name you just purchased. We can certainly help you doing so and also register and ‘host’ the domain name for you. We will be doing the configuration of the CNAME for you and setup email accounts so that your communications with potential customers are coming from your own domain name () rather than some cheesy gmail accounts.



Internet Presence: Reseller Hosting

This post is briefly talking about what the benefits of a Reseller Hosting account are. Like we mentioned in the previous post, a shared hosting account is great if you are the owner of multiple websites and/or manage websites for others. This is useful for customers you may have who do not want to deal with setting up e-mails and all the administration that comes with a website.

In essence, Reseller Hosting gives you more control and more resources than Shared Hosting. Think of Reseller Hosting as a parental figure to Shared Hosting. As a reseller, you’re allowed to create and manage multiple Shared Hosting accounts, with the intention of selling them to your clients.

What is Reseller Hosting ?

Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you (the reseller) to purchase a hosting provider’s resources wholesale and resell them to your clients for a profit. Ideal for web developers, web design firms or web hosting entrepreneurs, Reseller Hosting allows you to create your own branded hosting service and your own pricing structure.

The reseller hosting is much more expensive, but if you have a number of potential customers lined up already or have a solid business plan, you are good to go. Maybe starting with the smallest account and upgrade later. We do not use a Reseller Accounts as we do manage the websites ourselves. It all depends on how you want to manage your websites and probably how these shall be managed.

10 Killer Tips for Taking Street Photos at Night

There are many reasons why some photographers like taking street photos at night. Of course, the first and most obvious is the fact that the street becomes more alive.

And this is not just because more people go out at night, but also because the night brings a more dramatic, extraordinary effect to otherwise simple scenes. This is true especially for busy streets like those you see in cities.


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