Loss Prevention: Disk Failure 💻

Every photographer’s worst nightmare. You have thousands of photos stored on your computer or on an external hard drive and this happens. You plug in your hard drive and your computer rejects to recognize it. I had this happening a few times and my Windows based Laptop suggested to format the disc. Not a good idea. I solved the issue by plugging in the hard drive into another USB port and that worked great, but still, a scary moment.

You can also have an issue with your computer crashing, leaving you without your data. Many things can happen to your hard work getting lost. I have all my photos on several external disks and, paranoid as I am, have signed up with an external storage service iDrive with a 5TB plan  that allows me to setup all my devices for daily backups plus having an iDrive where I can upload my images from my external hard drives.

I like this solution as I can access my images on the go. Imagine you are traveling and want to access a photo you took some time ago. Having these images at your fingertips where ever you have an internet connection comes handy.

Sign up with iDrive today to get your photos and data safely backed up and get a big discount on your 1st year subscription. Note, this website does generate some commissions from our partners that covers a small portion of the costs involved to keep this website up & running. Please come back for more information about other services iDrive is offering





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