How To Use a Light meter

I found this great article on how to use a light meter. I bought one for about 5US$ at a local Antique store. You can also come across great finds at local estate and garage sales. Happy hunting!
Looking for a Lightmeter? I found this on Amazon. 
  • Two dials Light Meter: one for ISO and aperture and another one for shutter speed allow settings to be made.
  • Accurate light measurement: The current exposure status is displayed by the indicator light. The left and right dials can modify the parameters, which resemble the Manual mode of camera.
  • Compact and lightWeights only 35g:Aluminum anodizing body , High quality metal with a weightof 35g . ( The battery is not included)
  • Cold shoe mount, compatible with various camera: Suitable for any model of camera, also can mesure by hand hold.
  • Double energy savingcontinuous metering for 60 hours: 1. 10 seconds without operationthe: The light will shut down automatically, and wake up by any touch; 2. 60 seconds without operationthe: the machine switch to sleep mode , click the metering buttonto awake.
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Domain Name: was used by a photo studio in the past. Great name and easy to remember.  No matter if you are a professional or photographer or just have the passion to take photos, this domain name may be for you.

Showcase your photos, offer your photography services such as Real Estate, Product, Wedding or Wildlife photography. Now, why would you want to have your own website?

  • Showcase your photos the way you want it. You can design your website with solutions, like WordPress which offers a lot of plugins and templates
  • Telling your story can be a great reason why to have your own website. You can present it the way you want without restrictions other sites, like FB and other Big Tech companies put on you. You can present your photos as you wish with all the descriptions as long as you want.
  • Offer products and your photos as prints or as downloads. If you sell your photos with Adobe Stock, you get pennies for the dollar. You can also make extra money with affiliate marketing if you don’t have your products to sell.
  • Use your website and personalized domain name like a business card. Some websites offer sub-domains, like or
  • Use a name that is easy to remember and likeable, like

We hope this post will help you to take the next step by registering a great domain name and get your ideas online.

Domain Name suggestion: Rangefinder.One

Domain name inspired by the famous Rangefinder Cameras:

A rangefinder camera is a camera fitted with a rangefinder, typically a split-image rangefinder: a range-finding focusing mechanism allowing the photographer to measure the subject distance and take photographs that are in sharp focus. Most varieties of rangefinder show two images of the same subject, one of which moves when a calibrated wheel is turned; when the two images coincide and fuse into one, the distance can be read off the wheel. Older, non-coupled rangefinder cameras display the focusing distance and require the photographer to transfer the value to the lens focus ring; cameras without built-in rangefinders could have an external rangefinder fitted into the accessory shoe. Earlier cameras of this type had separate viewfinder and rangefinder windows; later the rangefinder was incorporated into the viewfinder. More modern designs have rangefinders coupled to the focusing mechanism so that the lens is focused correctly when the rangefinder images fuse; compare with the focusing screen in non-autofocus SLRs.

Almost all digital cameras, and most later film cameras, measure distance using electroacoustic or electronic means and focus automatically (autofocus); however, it is not customary to speak of this functionality as a rangefinder.

Golf Rangefinder Technology

Using one of your eyes as you would when looking through any type of scope, a golf rangefinder magnifies the target and shoots a laser beam at it in order to determine the exact distance. The target in question that you would use a rangefinder to determine the distance to can be anything.

Carrying a rangefinder helps you eliminate uncertainty about distances when shooting rifles or bows. When you know the actual distance to the target, you’ll have more confidence in taking the shot or you’ll know that it’s too far away to risk it.

Domain Names for Sale

If you are looking to voice your opinion, sell your products, artwork or showcase your business, you may want to consider purchasing a premium domain name. These are domain names that are hard to get due to their popularity. Sometimes, you can also rent domain names.


Below some great ideas:
This domain name was used by a photo studio in the past. Great name and easy to remember.
This is a called domain name, Meaning, the entire domain name is the website. No dot com or so to add to it. Very catchy and unusual.

Black and White themed domains
The following domain names are ideal for photographers, galleries, photo labs and printing companies

A catchy domain name if you want to sell branded merchandise, prints or just showcase and sell your photographs.

The name MyndWorks comes from the Icelandic word Mynd, meaning Picture, Image, Imagination. A photo is the work of your imagination. The Top Domain Level ‘Art’ is self explanatory. Wonderful and unique domain name to showcase your art work.

Photog.Tips (this domain)
Due to lack of time to keep this website up & running, we consider selling the domain name and maybe the Website itself to someone who is interested. The content/website is not included in the sales price.
Great domain name for photographers to showcase their work, offering training classes and more
Great domain name for photographers to showcase their work, offering training classes and more. Someone also suggested, that this domain name could be of interest of people in the Golfing industry. Not sure about that as I do not play golf.

Photography themed domain name. Easy to remember and a great domain name to showcase your services, portfolio or products.

Photography themed domain name. Easy to remember and a great domain name to showcase your services, portfolio or products.

A wonderful domain name for galleries or individuals to showcase their art work. Currently, this domain is being used as photo gallery/store and the owner is considering selling the domain name only. Photo gallery is NOT included in the sales price.

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Internet Presence: Register your own domain

We hope you will find this mini series interesting and helpful. We will publish a few blog posts that hopefully may help you to get your business online in a way where you are your own ‘master of the universe’ in regards your website hosting and management.

Have you ever thought about setting up your own website? You may have started with a free website under a generic domain name, for example,, etc.. You always depend on the company offering you some cheesy subdomain that probably injects ads into your website.

There is a good solution for this. If you register your own domain name and have a hosting company taking care of the updates and security patches, you have an online presence with your very own name, very own e-mail address and can manage it as you want. No third party ads and tons of options, template designs tailored to your business.

We started to have our own ‘cheesy’ website over 2 decades ago and thought: there must be a better way. We started to register our own domain names in 1998, found some good hosting companies and published our own content using Microsoft Frontpage, JavaScript, Perl scripts and later on PHP scripts. As work became busier and busier, we stopped doing our own coding and started to use WordPress. Easy to setup, easy to install plugins for all kind of needs and adjust the templates to fit our own style and business needs. More about this coming up soon to this blog.

As a first step, think about a catchy name you want to use. We have registered this domain name, as well as, and one catchy name related to photography – There are many more options available than just Top Domain Names .com, .net, .org etc.

Find a domain starting at $0.99

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For example:, – If you setup a subdomain, you could even setup a website named with your first and last name in the domain name. For example. or so.

Please use the above search box for your searches and registration of services. We earn a small commission for each sale which keeps this website up and running and helps us to continue offering great content.

For some ideas or if you want a handpicked domain we have secured, visit our domain name page. This may give you some ideas or you may just have found the one of a kind domain name you haven’t thought about it before.