Photography On A Budget

Many of you may be in the situation: You want to start getting into photography, but the DSLR cameras are rather expensive, even if you want to buy an entry level camera. Spending a few hundred dollars, just to see if photography is for you may not be in your budget.

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A Budget Camera might just be the answer for you.

I was thinking about experimenting and writing a blog about a “DSLR camera on a Budget”. I also wanted to add an older DSLR camera to my camera collection or a camera I can leave in my car all the times. If it gets stolen, no big deal. So, with this in mind, I went to a local Pawn Shop as they sometimes have nice deals on cameras. I saw this old Nikon D50 with a Sigma 70-300mm (macro) and a Nikkor 24-85mm lenses, charger and photo bag… and I pulled the trigger.

I probably paid too much ($125.00), but the camera works as expected and I can use the lenses for my Nikon D5300. When I tried using it, I noticed that it did not come with a memory card. Fortunately I found a 2GB memory card around the house. The camera would not accept anything larger than that. You may find a camera in a local Thrift Store, Antiques Store, Flea Market and online on eBay. The best advice I can give is, to try the camera right there in the store or ask them if they have an exchange or refund policy. The Pawnshop I bought my camera from had an ‘All Sales Are Final’ disclaimer, but being a local small business, they offered that I could return it for a refund if it did not work (they tested it beforehand).

 Here is a photo I shot with the D50 in NEF format as it came out of the camera. It takes decent photos and the camera is ideal for people who want to get their feet wet with a DSLR and to learn how to take photos in Manual mode, Aperture Priority and Shutter priority. Or, if you just starting, use the Automatic Mode. You can teach yourself on how to use ISO settings, taking images in Bulb mode and much more as there are many online tutorials and videos. Once you get into the groove, you can even entertain the idea buying an old Film Camera.

Happy clicking!