Domain Name Registration: Bait and Switch

Hello my friends – this is just a short article in regards being tricked by internet hosting companies. I have registered a domain name with a Swiss company for over a decade. Now, out of the blue, they sent me a confirmation e-mail: Oh, by the way, we have just upgraded your account with some stuff you don’t need, but don’t worry, just fork over more money…. . It seems that the reason why they went to that length shows that they probably have miscalculated their investments and want their customers to foot the bills.

If this happens to you and you don’t agree this ‘Bait and Switch’ approach, which I don’t know if it is legal, transfer your domain name as fast as you can as you don’t know what the next surprise is when you take the bait.

I transferred my domain, although for that domain it was a manual process, but I the transaction was completed in no time. For some domain names, such, .ch it is a manual process and I can assist you, if needed.

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