Object removal made easy!

Sometimes, when you take a photo, you see objects or imperfections you want to have removed easily and quickly. Maybe you have a beach photo and want to remove an unsightly person or object, you broke up with your ex and want him/her removed from the photo. Most if not all photo editing software tools have the healing option that comes as standard. But what if you don’t have any of these sometimes expensive photo editing programs/apps? What options do you have? I came across an online photo editor years ago, but have not used all the options to date, until the developer of this tool introduced me to their Smart Object Removal tool. At first, I thought it would be one of the healing tools that basically replace one area of your image with another area of your photo. This doesn’t work all the times as the area you want to match doesn’t fit into the area you want to remove.

This article shows you on how to remove objects easily using the ‘Smart Object Removal’ option in Lunapic. A few weeks ago I took a photo of a street sign at a local Antique store and did not pay attention to the price tag attached to the object. I didn’t care too much about it, but thought: “Well, this might be a perfect image to try out how ‘smart’ this Object Removal tool is”

Here we go:

Visit the Lunapic website and upload your image. Select ‘Edit -> Smart Object Removal’ and with your mouse or finger (if you use a tablet, smart phone), select the area you would like to have removed – click the ‘Remove’ option to have it removed completely.

After the removal, the object is gone and you don’t notice anything that would suggest, that there was something there. A picture perfect result. You can then save the image in many formats, such as PNG, GIF, JPG and more and can also define the size of your image. These options will be outlined in a future post.

Below, the ‘before and after’ results side by side. Now you can easily remove watermarks, objects, people and other imperfections from your photos with a few mouse clicks.



RETRAIN Your Photography Brain with 3 PRO Tips

If you’re a Shutterbug regular you’ve undoubtedly heard us stress the importance of “trying something different” when you find yourself in a creative rut. Doing so will expand your vision, improve your skills, and increase your enjoyment of photography.

One of our favorite outdoor photographers expounds on this topic in the tutorial below by illustrating three pro skills he says will “take your photography to the next level.” This episode from Canadian pro Simon d’Entremont isn’t about camera settings and other technical matters, but rather involves “disrupting what you’re doing and putting you in a whole new headspace.”

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Networking tips for photographers

How to make the most of social situations to boost your connections, your profile and even your profits

It may be a bit of a cliche, but the adage “it’s not what you know, but who you know” certainly rings true in the photography industry – just like for anything else.

Getting your name in front of important people, those with power and influence (such as editors, gallery curators, buyers, other influential photographers and so on) is half the battle. Making the most of every opportunity to meet and make a good impression on these kinds of people is very important.

These days, a lot of networking is done online, but there’s still plenty of “real-world” opportunities available to boost your profile, too. The latter may be a little more daunting, especially for those who are not used to networking, talking about themselves or perhaps are in the introverted side.

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Growing your photography business

This guide is offered by Picfair, our #1 place to sell our photos. We hope this article will help you to grow your business in the new year.

If you need a compelling domain name, here are a few suggestions:

Below some great ideas:

This domain name was used by a photo studio in the past. Great name and easy to remember.

This is a called domain name, Meaning, the entire domain name is the website. No dot com or so to add to it. Very catchy and unusual.

Black and White themed domains
The following domain names are ideal for photographers, galleries, photo labs and printing companies

A catchy domain name if you want to sell branded merchandise, prints or just showcase and sell your photographs.

The name MyndWorks comes from the Icelandic word Mynd, meaning Picture, Image, Imagination. A photo is the work of your imagination. The Top Domain Level ‘Art’ is self explanatory. Wonderful and unique domain name to showcase your art work.

Great domain name for photographers to showcase their work, offering training classes and more

Great domain name for photographers to showcase their work, offering training classes and more. Someone also suggested, that this domain name could be of interest of people in the Golfing industry. Not sure about that as I do not play golf.

Photography themed domain name. Easy to remember and a great domain name to showcase your services, portfolio or products.

Photography themed domain name. Easy to remember and a great domain name to showcase your services, portfolio or products.


How To Be More Confident As A Photographer

I think most of us in creative fields can suffer from a lack of confidence in our own abilities. As a photographer and writer, everything I put out there is something I’ve ‘created‘ and, even as a seasoned pro, it can be hard to have faith in my work!